New toy landed on my desk

I had been dreaming about this radio for long time. Finally the dream comes truth and KX3 is on my desk.

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QCX QRP Transceiver

I ordered this excellent QCX QRP TRX from QRP Labs (40m band version) at the beginning of December 2017 and had to wait almost two months but finally got it. Order volume of this kit was (and is) extremely high. You’ll get very good radio for very low price. Especially the RX is really good.

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CQRLOG celebrates 10 years anniversary

Ten years ago, CQRLOG 0.1.0 was released. It already had basic features for comfortable logging like dx cluster, gray line, trx control and great country resolution thanks to tables created by Martin, OK1RR. Happy anniversary and all the best to next 10 years.

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TS-590SG Cooling fans installed the wrong way

A few days a go I found an article written by UIf, DK5TX about problem with cooling fans installed in TS-590. Unfortunately I had the same problem.

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